As a normal part of our activity, we collect and, in some cases, disclose information about our Users and visitors to our Platforms.

Our platform includes the following apps

  • Prowash GO
  • Prowasher
  • Website

These privacy policies describe the information that Prowash Go collects about its Users and visitors and what can be done with that information. By registering, downloading and/or browsing the Platforms, the User and/or the visitor gives their consent for their personal information to be used in accordance with the policies described below.

This document is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. By accepting the Terms and Conditions at the time of registration on the Platforms, the User accepts the policies contained herein.

Through the Platforms, Prowash Go acts as an intermediary between Users and independent contractors, associated with the “Prowash Go” brand (hereinafter, the “ ProWashers ”), so that Users can contract a car wash service at an address that they determine.

  1. Rectification of personal information

Users guarantee and respond, in any case, to the veracity, accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the personal information provided, and undertake to keep it duly updated.

Once registered in the Platforms, the User may review and change the information that has been sent to us during the registration process. Notwithstanding any changes you make, Prowash Go will retain the above personal information for security and fraud control purposes.

In certain cases, we will keep in our files personal information that you have asked us to remove, and this in order to resolve disputes or claims, detects problems or incidents and solve them, and comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions for a period of time determined by law.

In any case, the personal information of a User will not be immediately removed from our files for legal and technical reasons, including security support systems. Therefore, it should not be expected that all personal information will be permanently deleted from our databases.

  1. The information we collect

Prowash Go requests

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Photos
  • Geolocation information

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Prowash Go may request additional information if it deems it necessary for the purposes of maximizing the use of the Platforms.

Prowash Go automatically collects and stores certain information about the activity of Users and visitors within its Platforms. Such information may include the URL they come from, what URL they access next, what browser they are using, their IP addresses, geolocated information, etc.

Location Information: Our Services may collect and use your location information (for example, by using the GPS on your mobile device) to provide certain functionality of our Services. If you choose to enable our location features, your location information may be publicly displayed within the Services.

  1. Use we make of the information

To provide an excellent service and for Users to carry out operations in an agile and secure manner, Prowash Go requires certain personal information, including the User’s e-mail and cell phone address. The collection of information allows us to offer Users, services and functionalities that are better suited to their needs and to personalize our services to make their experiences with Prowash Go as comfortable as possible. The personal information we collect has the following purposes:

  • Help the User to contact one or more ProWashers or ;
  • develop internal studies on the interests, behaviors, and demographics of Users to better understand their needs and interests and offer better services or provide related information;
  • improve our commercial and promotional initiatives and analyze the pages visited and searches made by Users, to improve our uptake of ProWashers;
  • send information, push notifications, messages by e-mail or cell phone about new services, show advertising or promotions, banners, of interest to our Users, and news about Prowash Go;
  • share personal information (including email and cell phone addresses) with service providers or outsourcing companies» That help improve or facilitate operations through Prowash Go. Prowash Go will ensure that certain standards are met, by signing agreements or conventions whose purpose is the privacy of the personal data of our Users. However, Prowash Go is not responsible for the improper use of the User’s personal information by these companies or internet sites. In some cases, these service providers will be the ones who collect information directly from the User (for example, if we ask them to carry out surveys or studies). In such cases, you may receive a notification about the participation of a service provider in such activities, and all the information you want to provide and the additional uses that the providers decide to make will be at the User’s discretion.
  • Provide the personal information of the Users to the entities that intervene in the resolution of disputes between them.
  1. Confidentiality of information

Once enrolled in the Platforms, Prowash Go will not sell, rent or share personal information except in the ways established in these policies. Notwithstanding this, the User expressly consents that Prowash Go transfers all or part of the personal information to any of the companies controlled, controlling and/or linked to Prowash Go, under any title and at the time, form, and conditions it deems. relevant. We will do everything in our power to protect the privacy of the information.

It may happen that by virtue of court orders, or legal regulations, we are compelled to disclose information to the authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, or in cases where third parties may intercept or access certain information or data transmissions which the Prowash Go case will not be held liable for the information that is disclosed.

  1. Minors

Our services are only available to those who have the legal capacity to contract. Therefore, those who do not comply with this condition must refrain from creating accounts and/or supplying personal information to be included in our databases. However, they can do so through parents or guardians.

  1. Cookies

The User of the Platforms knows and accepts that Prowash Go may use a tracking system through the use of cookies (» Cookies «). Cookies are small files that are installed on the hard drive, with a limited duration in time that helps to personalize the services. We also offer certain functionalities that are only available through the use of Cookies. Cookies are used in order to know the interests, behavior, and demographics of those who visit or are Users of our Platforms and in this way, better understand their needs and interests and give them a better service or provide related information.

We will also use the information obtained through Cookies to analyze the pages browsed by the visitor or User, the searches made, improve our commercial and promotional initiatives, display advertising or promotions, banners of interest, news about Prowash Go, improve our offer of content and services, personalize said content, presentation, and services; We may also use Cookies to promote and enforce the rules and security of the Platforms. Prowash Go may add Cookies in the emails you send to measure the effectiveness of the promotions.

It is established that the installation, permanence, and existence of Cookies on the User’s computer depend on their exclusive will and can be eliminated from their computer when the User so wishes.

  1. Web beacons

A web beacon is an electronic image, also called a single-pixel (1 x 1) or transparent pixel, that is placed in the code of a web page. A web beacon has similar purposes to Cookies. Additionally, a web beacon is used to measure traffic patterns of Users from one page to another in order to maximize how traffic flows through the web. The User and the visitor to the Platforms know and accept that Prowash Go, or third parties hired by it, may use a monitoring system through the use of web beacons.

  1. Order of competent authorities – legal requirements

Prowash Go cooperates with the competent authorities and with other third parties to ensure compliance with the laws, for example regarding the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights, fraud prevention, and other matters.

Prowash Go may reveal the personal information of its Users at the request of the competent judicial or governmental authorities for the purposes of investigations conducted by them, even if there is no order or an executive or judicial subpoena, or for example (and without limitation to this assumption) In the case of investigations of a criminal or fraud nature or those related to computer piracy or copyright infringement. In such situations, Prowash Go will collaborate with the competent authorities in order to safeguard the integrity and security of the community and that of its Users.

Prowash Go may (and the Users expressly authorize it) communicate any personal information about its Users in order to comply with the applicable regulations and cooperate with the competent authorities to the extent that, at our discretion, we deem it necessary and appropriate in relation to any investigation. of an illicit or fraud, infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, or other activity that is illegal or that may expose Prowash Go or its Users to any legal liability.

In addition, Prowash Go reserves the right (and Users expressly authorize it) to communicate information about its Users to ProWashers, entities or third parties when there are sufficient grounds to consider that the activity of a User is suspected of attempting or committing a crime or attempting to harm other people. This right will be used by Prowash Go at its sole discretion when it deems it appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and security of the community and that of its Users, to enforce the Terms and Conditions and other policies of the Platforms, and for the purpose of cooperating with the execution and fulfillment of the law. This right will be exercised by Prowash Go regardless of the absence of a judicial or administrative order to that effect.

  1. Security

Prowash Go is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violations of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons. Prowash Go is also not responsible for the improper use of the information obtained by these means.