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We are Prowash Go, app that will help you achieve a good interior and/or exterior eco-friendly carwash, wherever you are. With minimum water consumption and no electricity, leaving no waste behind. Known for delivering excellent service, worried about details, and creating a unique experience. All of this is possible thanks to our trained washers and the backup of a company that has been in the business for more than 15 years.

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Ask for your fast and efficient carwash. Don't waste time!


We adopt new technologies to make you life easier.


We don't leave any type of waste, and we don't need your electricity or water service.


We made it easy for you, so you can have an excellent experience.

Save time, money and help the environment with ProWash Go!

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Ask for your carwash wherever you are

Our extended coverage area offers all our services. If you are part of it, we will arrive whenever and wherever you schedule it.

Access all our services with trained washers.

All services are performed by our trained “Prowashers”. All of them have periodic evaluations, in order to keep our high standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Miami, FL: Downtown, Brickell, Coconut Groove, Pinecrest and Key Biscayne.

Open this link to check our coverage

Secure payment made through the app, via credit or debit card.

Yes, as long as the location you gave us is authorized to park and that it is not prohibited by the City. Remember we do not need water or electricity. To coordinate the exact place, you can contact +1(305)518-9515 or directly with you Prowasher.

All products used in our eco-friendly services are biodegradable, mixed with less than half a gallon of water, and applied as a spray, leaving no waste behind. We don’t require either water or electricity. In addition, we use microfiber towels, so we prevent any type of damage and leave cars shining as expected.
In order to change the date of your reservation, you must contact Prowash Go through the app. If not, you can contact us at
support@prowashgo.com with the indications of the new date and time. Or call the number (305)518-9515. 
Yes, you can change it as long as the new address is inside
of the areas with service coverage. To change the direction
contact us at support@prowashgo.com or by calling us at (305) 518-9515
Yes, while the building lets the Prowasher get in.
We use eco-friendly products, with less than half a gallon of water consumption, and we do not connect
to the electricity grid; therefore, we leave the place as clean as when
we arrived.

We recommend leaving all recommendations on the app while scheduling your service.

If you forgot to leave the Prowasher any recommendation, you can ask for special requirements contact us directly through the app, or write to us at support@prowashgo.com or by calling us at (305) 518-9515.

Take your carwash service to the next level.

We offer the best carwash services, so you can have your car shining wherever you are. 

Apps available for all devices

ProWash Go is ProWash’s new home car wash app. Now you will be able to achieve your carwash of excellence wherever you are, with our trained washers; and with the support of a company that has been in the market for more than 15 years.